when people bring up your past


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finally told my parents they’re gay

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5 Things About Myself

jeremocha picked me and he’s very cool so here we go

1. Marvin is a cool guy @fantavanilla (instagram)

2. I have small feet.

3. I love yams. 

4. I like rap music.

5. I peed my pants in school after lunch every day for a month in 1st grade.

captainmcspirk asked Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself publicly, and then send it to your ten favorite followers. (◕‿◕✿)

heyyy did this already friend

kamsamneedah asked Once you get this message you must give five random facts about yourself and then pass it onto your 10 favorite followers. \(^▽^)/

wont pass it cause im a lazy bum, buuttt here you go!

1. i’m flattered that i’m a favorite follower

2. i wish i knew where to watch the world cup and how to get into it

3. thomas mcgrath is one of my biggest idols. he’s like a moralistic muse to me.

4. i’m self conscious about my small frame and height but too lazy to work out and too unlucky to have tall genes

5. i’m terrible with time, and timing, and all that business

thanks sam, that was fun. hope you’re doing great. how are the pigeons?

Anonymous asked i am so dumb hahahaha please talk to me

you’re making that pretty easy being anonymous haha

Anonymous asked you changed your theme, cool.

must’ve been a while ago then